miércoles, 6 de julio de 2011

Palestinian reported injured after Gaza airstrike

GAZA CITY (Ma’an) -- Israeli aircraft opened fire on the central Gaza Strip early Wednesday, injuring a Palestinian man and causing damage to property, medical officials said.
Medics transferred the unidentified Palestinian to the Shifa Hospital west of Gaza City. 

Onlookers said aircraft fired two missiles toward structures near the Shejaya area of Gaza City. One of the missiles landed without exploding.

An Israeli military spokeswoman said forces targeted "a tunnel used for terror activity" in northern Gaza. The attack was a response to the firing of projectiles toward Israel, she said.

Wednesday's attack came hours after two Palestinians died and a third was injured as aircraft fired on central Gaza in what the army described as a preemptive strike to stop a projectile attack. 

"An air force aircraft thwarted the attempt by firing at them. A hit was confirmed," the army said.

Local witnesses told Agence France-Presse that the men were trying to fire rockets when they were hit, however, no Palestinian resistance group had claimed responsibility as of Wednesday. 

Three rockets fired from Gaza hit Israeli territory over the past week, the army said calling it evidence that Hamas "is not enforcing a policy of restraint over the terrorist organizations operating in the Gaza Strip."

Those rockets were the first since June 16. The border has been relatively calm in recent months.

In early April, tensions ratcheted up after a series of tit-for-tat strikes and a rocket-propelled grenade fired from Gaza that struck an Israeli school bus, killing a teenager.

Israel launched a series of airstrikes that killed at least 19 Palestinians in the deadliest violence since its devastating 22-day Operation Cast Lead on the Palestinian territory in 2008-2009.

The violence raised fears of another such assault, but on April 10 the Hamas rulers of the Gaza Strip declared a return to the truce that ended Cast Lead in January 2009, and the calm has largely held since then.


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