lunes, 23 de mayo de 2011

The 63 anniversary of Al-Nakba

On May 15, 1948 began what the Palestinians known as Al-Nakba, the disaster. Start the exile of Palestinians from their land to neighboring countries being pushed into exile more than 700,000 Palestinians and their property being confiscated by the new Jewish settlers who kept arriving from Europe.63 years have passed and the Palestinians are increasingly further away the dream of returning to his homeland, where they were born, raised and lived as they could. Land that had given refuge in numerous opportunities for Jews who were expelled from Europe during the Middle Ages and the Modern, joining the Palestinian people and living freely among them. But everything seemed to turn mid-nineteenth century, when David began to transform into Goliath.

 Palestinian reality today is very delicate, more than 80% of its land is under the direct occupation of Israel, and many other indirect occupied, but hidden from sunlight through a concrete wall 8 meters high, behind which they hide these small and well-controlled ghettos, where they continue to resist the inclemency of the Palestinian population Zionism, which embraced his dream of return do not give not an inch of land, but at the expense of their lives. Today more than 5 million Palestinians live in exile, and about 2 million are splitted and no communication in Gaza and West Bank. Their living conditions are poor and their access to natural resources is limited, or no.On May 14, 1948, the leader of the Zionist movement, David Ben Gurion unilaterally declared statehood of Israel, which was immediately recognized by Washington and Moscow.It was the dream that the Zionist movement missed from the Congress held in 1897, on the alma mater of the project Herlz Theodor book, "Der Judenstaat" (The Jewish State), which raised the need for the creation of a State Jewish and debated its establishment, abarajando Argentina and Palestine as possibilities. The balance is inclined toward Palestine as the myth of the Promised Land gave an argument to cry about it.As a slogan of the project had the concept of "a land without people for a people without land", but the reality of Palestine was very different, but the task of depopulating the territory was already implicitly included in the project.This is the story of Palestine, a population that has been stripped of their land, and require that they forget to return to their homeland after being driven only 6 decades ago, being that the history of Zionism is the main flag return after 2000 years, an unusual claim.Today at 63 years of Nakba the Palestinian people remains the bulwark of strength and love of life. These as well as the Jews of Israel will not know peace since then, peace has been snatched them both because of a racist ideology and sick, that hidden behind the false flag of Judaism itself causes pain of the Jewish people and manipulates little religious purposes unrelated to rabbinic doctrine. Yet the Palestinian people resist the occupation and mistreatment at the elusive world view, but dreams that someday he will realize that their cause is not in vain, and not to avoid again the world will regret a new Holocaust, but one that could and can still be avoided. Remains in the consciousness of every human being to leave this case with impunity or the flag of peace. Palestine Today resists, and is the symbol of resistance against the occupation, all those people who dream and yearn to return home.
Carlos Alvarez14-05-2011

Palestine Resistance

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