jueves, 15 de septiembre de 2011

Haneyya: We are still waiting for Egypt to break siege

GAZA, (PIC)-- Gaza Prime Minister Ismail Haneyya said he is still waiting for a bold decision by Egypt to break the siege on the Gaza Strip and open up the Rafah border crossing.
This came during a visit Wednesday by the international Egyptian coalition to break the siege and reconstruct Gaza.
“Gaza, on the one hand, is a bastion of steadfastness, challenge, and a barrier that breaks Israeli waves [of aggression], but on the other hand there is a siege, a lack of medicines, and a difficult humanitarian situation in Gaza,” Haneyya said.
Haneyya thanked and lauded the delegation, which consisted of young people, saying that it signaled that the youth have begun to take the lead.
“The youth are making new history. We have been following with pride what is happening in Egypt, Tunisia, and Libya, and we see that the first beneficiary of the revolutions after the peoples of the respective countries are the Palestinians, because the Arab revolutions are putting an end to the Zionist intrusion in the region,” PM Haneyya added.

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