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Maps of Occupation

Map of the West Bank, Settlements and the Separation Barrier, June 2011

This map of the West Bank includes the most up to date route of the Separation Barrier, including recent changes in the wall near the Palestinian communities in Wadi Rasha near Qalkiliya, the route south of Jayyus, and route in Bil'in. More on the topic

Map of areas in the Jordan Valley and the northern Dead Sea closed to Palestinians, May 2011

77.5 percent of the land in the Jordan Valley and the northern Dead Sea has been taken over by Israel, which has prevented Palestinians from building on or using the land or remaining there. Twelve percent of the area has been allocated for settlements, including the entire northern shore of the Dead Sea. Israel’s policy has cut up the Palestinian spatial sphere and isolated Palestinian communities in the area. More on the topic

Maps of settlement growth and land owndership, July 2010

Map depicting the population growth of the settlements Ma'ale Adumim, Modiin Illit and Beitar Illit, as well as privately owned Palestinian land inside the settlements Ariel, Bet El Kedumim and Givat Ze'ev. More on the topic

Map of restrictions in Hebron's center, May 2007

Map showing the restriction on movement of Palestinians and opening of businesses in Hebron's center. More on the topic

Archive: Map of the Separation Barrier in the West Bank

Map of the route approved by the Israeli government on April 30 2006. More on the topic

Archive: Map of the splitting of the West Bank, Aug. 2007

Map depicting the result of restrictions on movement that Israel has imposed on Palestinians in the West Bank, that split the area into six major geographical units: North, Center, South, the Jordan Valley and northern Dead Sea, the enclaves resulting from the Separation Barrier, and East Jerusalem. More on the topic

Archive: Map of the Southern Hebron Hills, July 2005

The map shows the Palestinian villages and the Jewish settlements in the southern West Bank. The area marked in red is home to about 1,000 Palestinians, who live in caves and maintain a traditional lifestyle. In the 1970s this are was declared by the Israeli military commander a "closed military area,". Since 1999, Israel has been trying to expel the inhabitants. More on the topic

Archive: Map of Forbidden Roads in the West Bank, August 2004

The map displays the Israeli policy of prohibiting and restricting Palestinian travel on West Bank roads as documented in August 2004. More on the topic

Archive: of Jewish Settlements in the the West Bank, May 2002

Produced in 2002, this is the first map of its kind to display the built-up areas, and municipal and regional boundaries of Israeli settlements in the West Bank. Israel has established in the Occupied Territories a separation cum discrimination regime, in which it maintains two systems of laws, and a person’s rights are based on his or her national origin. More on the topic

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