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Israel wants 7,900 new settlements in Jerusalem

JERUSALEM, June 15, 2011 (WAFA) – The Israeli human 
rights organization, Ir Amim, said Wednesday that the 
Israeli Sub-Committee to Advance Settlement 
Construction, has discussed plans to build 7900 new 
housing units in East Jerusalem settlements.

In the statement, Ir Amim said that the plans will add
 4400 units to existing settlement units in the occupied 
eastern section of Jerusalem.

The sub-committee was formed at the request of
 Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in an 
attempt to lower the prices of real estates in the 
Israeli market, in addition to speed up the building 
of the units, especially in East Jerusalem.

The human rights group also pointed out that these 
plans come with existing projects, like the one to
 add 940 units to the settlement of Har Homa 
and 942 units to Gilo, which are located south 
of Jerusalem, in addition to a plan to build 1500 
new units in Ramat Rahel and on 290 dunums of 
land near the settlement, south of Bethlehem.

The committee also discussed adding 625 units to 
Pisgat Zaav settlement, which exists on Palestinian
 land in Beit Hanina and Shoufat neighborhoods,
 north of Jerusalem.

Ir Amim said the number one topic discussed 
was adding about 1600 units to a settlement in 
Shoufat, which was the reason for the tension
 between Israel and the US when it was revealed
 last year.Another settlement expansion was
 proposed by the Israeli municipality of Jerusalem,
 which called on adding 180 new units to a 
settlement on the land of the town of Um Lisson
 and Sour Baher, south of the city.

Source: jnoubiyeh.com

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