lunes, 30 de mayo de 2011

About Rumbo a Gaza (Sailing to Gaza)

Rumbo a Gaza is a from civil society to civil society initiative started by people from various Spanish locations, who want to manifest their solidarity with the Gazan inhabitants , in an active and efficient way, breaking the unfair siege that keeps that society overwhelmed. Among these people are Manuel Tapial and Laura Arau , two of the activists who have recently taken part in the Freedom Flotilla, and other people connected with social, political, trade unions, cultural and philanthropic organizations.
2 , 200 , 2000
Our intention is to have a direct contact with the reality that the Gazans have to deal with in the everyday life. For that we have settled the aim to obtain two ships able to give accommodation to 200 people and 2000 tons of humanitarian aid, that will be given, as soon as we reach Gaza Strip, to the UNRWA to its distribution. Among the people involved in this enterprise there are actors and actresses, musicians, trade unionists and social activists who, with their presence, have taken the commitment to denounce the untenable situation of submission the Gazans are into.
How to participate?
It´s undoubtedly true that Rumbo a Gaza needs all the support that could be possible. Our initial idea is to buy two boats able to depart from a Spanish port and head towards Gaza. In order to achieve this, the commitment of a wide sector of the society will be needed, so that they would make this project possible through their donations. For that , an account has been opened under the following number:
CCC: 3035 0395 16 3950002133

Concept: Support Campaign Bound for Gaza
To make the transfer under the subject : Rumbo a Gaza Campaign”. There will also be other of ways of helping us to buy the materials we would like to take on the boats. There will be, for example, charity vouchers which will be available very soon in this website.

From the month of October and until May 2011 we will be developing different campaigns and activities with the main objective of supporting the Palestinian people as part of the Rumbo a Gaza initiative. All of these campaigns and activities aimed at raising awareness will be published in this website. You can also participate more actively by supporting or being part of the local team groups which have been formed in the different cities and which you can reach by contacting

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